From the BK to the SK
So I can't believe I forgot to write this post! haha.
When Sundayafternoon rolled around, I needed to get myself together and catch a cab to the ferry station in Langkawi before I left the island.
I happened to be walking to the money exchanger when this blode hair, blue‐eyed kid walks over to me with a smile and aks if there is a chance I am looking for a taxi.
I was in my bathing suit coming straight from the beach, but as luck would have it I needed to grab a cab within an hour. He was in this crazy, grafitti T of Bob Marley and had a backpack on that really wasn't even suitable for a school bag. He had to have a bigger backpack somewhere.
He met me back at my hostel about an hour later, just as I was saying goodbye to some new, local friends of mine that I played cards with on the beach all morning. I told them I'd be back in October and that'd I most likely would be stayiing until my money runs out.
The kid's name is Michael, and he looks like he is about 27 years old. It was good to share a cab with someone on the way to the ferry station, and we talked the whole way about different things and traveling and our home cities. He's been traveling for a few weeks and will be traveling for about 5 months total to escape the bitter Sweedish winter. All he brought with him was the small backpack on his back that looked like it could fit a t shirt and a pair of shorts.
Michael doesn't eat meat and hasn't eaten it for about 10 years or so. He is a Wee‐gan from Swee‐dan. I loved. I thought instantly that if we had spent more time together and I had walked away from it with more stories to share, I would 100 perecnt devote a chapter of my book to Michael, the Wee‐gan from Swee‐dan.
It was his accent that I fell in love with, because everything he said just made me so happy. He was talking about eating something and said that it's be a workout for your mouth.
"You'd end up with bee‐seps like Arnauld on your face if that was all you ate!" he said.
Bee‐seps. Translation: Biceps.
Again, I wish I could say we spent more time together, but sadly we just got a quick cup of coffee and then parted our separate ways.

02/08/2011 15:36

looks like we both have a new found love for Sweden :)


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