From the BK to the SK
I had my students write bucket lists because, to be honest, I was in absolutely no condition to lesson plan on Sunday. My co-worker, Nick, told me he had just found this really great lesson about bucket lists and that it went over brilliantly with his students.
Here are some of the funnier examples of my students' bucket lists:
1. "I want to be a New Yorker. Hahahaha."
2. "I want to control the wind."
3. "I want to be a terrorist."
4. "I want to collect all pens."
5. "I want to take a money shower."
6. "I want to be rich - very very - the billions!"
7. "I want to break the rules."
8. "I want to be absent from school one whole day."
9. "I want to go to hell."
10. "I want to make eagles."

Some of my other students wrote some things that made my heart smile, like that they wanted to make their parents proud, open up hospitals for sick children, want to make "money very very and give to donations", swim the Nile River, go camping with their fathers; some of it was really pretty cute. These are the top ten that made me laugh the most I think so far, so I figured I'd share them with you.

04/19/2011 05:49

hahaha i love the one about being a terrorist and making eagles.

xo miss being on your side of the world!


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