From the BK to the SK

So on Saturday night/Sunday morning I felt officially homesick. You know that when you travel and live so far from home there will be moments when you just want to cry, where the slightest little thing can your eyes well up with tears. Well, for me, that was because I was missing Jil''s wedding, my best friend's sister, who is basically my older sister.
From the moment I woke up Saturday to the moment I woke up Sunday morning, my mind was just like a broken record, telling myself over and over again that I'm there in their hearts, but it wasn't working. I still started crying every time I thought of Jill walking down the aisle, or the beautiful newlyweds being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Cotrona. I started crying when I thought of my best friend giving her maid of honor speech, which she e-mailed to me right before the wedding and made me start crying while sitting having coffee at Seven Monkeys.
There are a lot of one-time moments that you miss when you're living abroad, and they are most definitely sacrifices that come with traveling. It's such a tradeoff, like you're experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity while on the other hand you're missing something that's once in a lifetime, too. You're just caught in the middle at moments like this, not sure what to think or how to handle it, and it's always a hard place to find yourself in.
When i called my best friend's family that night (day for them), the second I tried to congratulate Jill and wish her luck, it was like my throat closed and nothing but tears streamed through the phone. I just couldn't believe I was missing it.
I know, though, and I had so much faith in the fact that no matter where I was, I was right there with all of them on that day. I talked to Margaret, Tom, Jill and Laura before the wedding, and when I hung up I just felt thankful. I felt lucky and thankful to have a second family, to have a group of people that loved me and cared for me more than could ever be put into words. My best friend sent me a message right before the ceremony that really, in all honesty, spoke volumes of how best friends can become family, and that even though I wasn't born with a sister, I grew up having two right by my side.
So, I wanted to use this blog as an opportunity to say Congratulations to Jill and Sal, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cotrona! I love you both so very much and am so excited for you to start a new chapter of your lives together!
You're finally italian, Jill!


10/01/2010 12:06

Alex we missed you so much at the wedding and were wishing you were there.
I think you know that you were in all of our hearts and hope you could feel the hugs all the way in Korea. Love you!


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