From the BK to the SK
The school asked me to help start a newspaper because “maybe I studied journalism in college.”

No, not maybe – I did study journalism in college (just another example of the way in which Koreans tend to use the word maybe in situations where it doesn’t apply).

I am very excited to help organize and start a newspaper, but naturally one of the first articles has to be an interview with me. A few students came up to me one day (I swear I’ve never seen them before) and asked to meet me at lunch and ask me just a few questions, so I agreed.

They spoke very good English, and as one student asked me questions, the other translated what I said into Korean. Slowly, more and more students started gathering around us and asking me different questions, so I was pretty sure this was moving away from an interview for an article to a general Q&A session.

The two students writing the article, like I said, spoke very good English and I’m pretty sure they both equally understood what I said. They asked me questions like what the difference was between American and Korean schools, at what times I felt uncomfortable, what I thought about Korean school rules (I did NOT know how to answer that one) and whether NYC was really like Gossip Girl or Sex and the City. Ha. They asked me my favorite singer, and when I said Jay-Z they started singing “Cause I’m from Newwww Yooooooork!” I was pretty impressed they knew my boy Hov, and they were pretty impressed we were from the same city.

So the interview went pretty well, I think, and one of the students sitting in the circle of kids around me offered me his apple at the end It was a small gesture, but it was something I greatly appreciated.

So this morning, one of the students who interviewed me was waiting outside my office with two girls. They got excited when I came over, and one of the two kids who interviewed me thanks me for the interview.

He hands me something wrapped in tin foil and tells me it’s a present for me, and one of the girls he’s with tells me he made it for me.

“It’s a brownie!” he said excitedly.

I tell him thank you so much, and it was so kind of him to bring me a gift.

He starts to run away, turns back and says to me, “Next time….I bring Dr. Pepper!”

I started laughing. Dr. Pepper? I don’t think I’ve tried it, but it’s one of the many generalizations that stand for the American/Western culture.

Anyway, the Dr. Pepper comments was a definite way to help my day get off to a good start. 


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