From the BK to the SK

I die



As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, three times a week I eat lunch in the classroom with some of my first grade students. There’s a group of about seven girls that always come and talk to me, ask me questions or teach me different things. They know they’re my favorite first grade girls.

We’re sitting eating lunch on Friday afternoon, and one of the girls turns to me and asks if I like baseball. I tell her I find it to be too long and pretty boring, and she a discouraged look comes across her face.

“But sometimes, baseball is very exciting, and I enjoy watching the games. Do you like baseball?”

She shakes her head, “I LOVE baseball,” she said. “Always watching Samsung Lions!” (That’s the Daegu team.)

So I ask her who she watches the games with and she says she always watches the games on TV with her family.

“I went to watch Samsung Lions one time at baseball field. Do you go to baseball field to watch games?” I asked her

She then shakes her head no, crossing her arms to make an “X” (Koreans - and now I – often do this when saying no about something).

“My mother says many people go to baseball field…..” and she stops for a second as if to collect her thoughts. She continues, “Uh…so….my mother says if I go to baseball field……I die,” and she makes the motions of being trampled on and stepped on by the crowds.

I started laughing and tell her maybe one day she will be able to go to the baseball field and come out alive.


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