From the BK to the SK
This will be a quick blog, but I feel like I've neglected writing for about a week or so now.
Things have been really good lately with work, and tomorrow my friends and I are going on a 'field trip' with the kids from the children's home. I am insanely excited for it, mostly because I get to use my new birthday present - a Canon DSLR! Thanks to my dad, my aunt lynn and my aunt phil and uncle tony for now giving me a reason to document what I put into words for you guys!
I will make sure to write about my evening on Tuesday with Nick and our Korean co-workers: noraebang central. Koreans loves karaoke and singing, and for some reason my new co-worker Nick loves to put me in in incredibly awkward situations, such as encouraging a slow dance between me and one of the drunkest teachers at the party.
Thanks, Nick, but at least it makes for a good story to tell all of you.
Thursday was one of those days I could see myself signing another contract for a year, but then Friday afternoon rolls around and I have my loudest, most irritating class with which I have a love-hate relationship with. The girls are so annoying, but I love them to death and they can make me laugh in a second flat, no matter how angry I am.
Another little sidenote for my brother, Michael, and my soon-to-be-sister, Lauren - We're almost there! It's three months to the day that you tie the knot! I AM SO EXCITED! It does feel so surreal, though, because it's a reality check that we are all slowly growing up.
And last but not least, Molly and I booked our flight to India/Nepal. I CANNOT WAIT FOR INDIA AND NEPAL. I don't think you have any idea. 


Danny Tex
03/25/2011 06:34

I can honestly say I have never heard anyone say looking forward to going to India Or nepal.Hope all is well sounds like a great time.


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