From the BK to the SK
One of many side effects of living in Korea is my own English. I find that I speak much like my Arabic best friend, Alexis, who my other best friends and I still believe doesn't really actually speak any English.
I say things like, "I like!" or "I love!" or "I take train" or "I make", so I tend to use many half sentences. I speak much, much slower, and I find myself saying things like, "At what time will you arrive?" to my friends. I also find myself saying, "I did not receive," or "I think no", or "At that time", and I've fallen victim to usin the word "Maybe" when it doesn't really mean maybe.
Another side effect is making an "X" with my hands when saying "No" to something, even when talking with my friends. We've all fallen victim to this one.
I'll keep you updated on any other things. My computer is dying now.

Aunt Alice
12/21/2010 06:29

Don't know if you'll get this but if you do - Merry, Merry Christmas!!
No snow in Florida either but we're heading back to NJ today & I can't wait. I hate the cold weather but miss my babies so much.
Be safe, have a glass of Christmas cheer & have a Happy New Year!
See you in May?
Love you!


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