From the BK to the SK
This first video is a video of one of my other favorite third grade boy students, HyoChang. He's such a smartass, but he makes me laugh, and his class is definitely one of my favorites. There is a ton of smart kids who speak really well in his class, and since my co-teacher never comes, we pretty much always have a good time. This is at recess. Sorry if my voice is really loud in some of the videos. (Also, my romanization of their names could be very off. I don't really know how to write out Korean into English correctly, but at least I can read it well!)
This second video is of three of my favorite girl third grade students, JoEun, SoYon and NaHyun.
These are some of my other third grade students, JongEh, UnJin, HeReen. In case I didn't mention it, every person in the school - staff and students - brushes his or her teeth after eating lunchey, hence the reason for the toothbrush.
NaHyun solo. She is my groupie at school. 

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