From the BK to the SK
One of my other side effects is saying the word "Owaaa", a word that my friend and I would jokingly use at home but has become something I use daily while living in Korea.
One of my favorite students in one of my favorite classes that I teach, HaeSong, sat at the seat right in front of my desk the other day. After nine months with these kids, though I don't know all 600 names, I know each student. And, as I've talked about before, working in a middle school is incredibly rewarding because you watch your students grow and change throughout the year.
Anyway, HaeSong went to ask me a question, and I noticed she got her braces off.
"HaeSong - when?" And I tapped my finger against my teeth.You would have thought I just offered her 1,000,000 won or something.
"OWAAA! OWAA!" and a smile stretched across her face. She started speaking a whirlwind of Korean, explaining that Alexandra seon-sang-nim (teacher) noticed that she had her braces taken off and was so thrilled that I recognized something so small. She turned back to me again, "Owaaaaaaaa," she let out once again, genuinely still so amazed and flattered that she forgot to answer my question.And, in turn, whenever a student greatly impresses me, or I find something to be very interesting or fun, I can't help but say "Owaaaaa!"

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