From the BK to the SK
I have nine days left of desk warming before I head to meet my brother, Michael, in Japan for a week before heading off to travel. Well, I mean, I come back to Korea to collect myself and my things for three days before heading off, but still - I HAVE TWO WEEKENDS LEFT OF LIVING IN KOREA.
I won't lie in that I imagined it to play out a bit differently. For the most part, I've gone out a good amount throughout the past year, but I haven't necessarily done the whole 'college thing' weekend after weekend. I guess maybe I am basing this off of being a 20-year-old student abroad in Italy whose time with her friends and her dream world was coming to an end, but my friends and I went out pretty much every night that last month before leaving.
It's sort of getting more and more quiet here as our last month winds down. All of my guys friends we hung out with are staying, and by the end of this week they will all be headed off for their summer holiday - traveling or going back to visit their families. My one best friend, Sheila, left on Saturday, and let me tell you - staying out til 5 a.m. when you have to lug your suitcases through town in the heat to get to the train station and struggle to get your things on the train so you can get to the airport an hour and a half away is not the smartest idea. I am pretty sure Sheila, Amanda and I were all in a state of utter delusion as we attempt to get her bags and get her on the train.
But, that Friday night, the tears came out as we said our good byes and realized that it may be a long time before the group of friends we formed so quickly and solidly when we moved to Korea be united again. (I mean, I cried, but we all know I am a cry baby, and endless shots from bartenders at your favorite bar don't help whatsoever.)
So it is definitely quieting down, and come this Friday it will only be a few of us left here in Daegu. I was expecting some big, endless send off of nonstop revelry, ESPECIALLY since I go to work every day only to stream TV shows from home and watch them all day long. Desk warming gets old really, really fast.
So, I can't say I'm insanely disappointed, because God knows that my bank account could do without going out every night right before going to Japan. I'm pretty sure that the past two weekends could suffice for the next two weeks here, and that my body is probably very happy for a break.
The good byes are sad, you know - very different from a good bye at college for summer break. This one is permanent, and seeing as the friends I've made are from around the world and across the States, and I am not sure of the next time I will see any of them.
I have to wrap up this emotional entry, because I actually need to head downtown to say good bye to one of my friends.
And yet again, here come the tears.

08/04/2011 05:43

Al, you're making such great memories! I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! Xoxoxo

Lynn Petri
08/05/2011 06:56

Can't believe it is coming to an end. Say hello to Michael for me. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on this trip. Love you and will miss you.

Aunt Lynn

08/05/2011 15:21

One journey ends and another one begins. Have a great time with Michael in Japan and give him a big Birthday Hug from all of Us. Love Ya.

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