From the BK to the SK
It's been a long day, so I am tired right now and about to go to sleep. Just thought I'd leave you with a few comments after my first day of teaching:
A. Some of my kids speak very good English
B. Some of my students do not speak a word of English
C. Some of my co-teachers speak very good English
D. Some of my co-teachers do not speak a word of English
E. Korean students love to scream in excitement when I walk into the classroom. They also get very excited when I say I am from New York City or that I have tried Mach Chong (seriously, this gets the loudest and most enthusiastic response. probably because they think I don't know that it's the small intestine of a pig)
F. Korean students DO NOT like to get in trouble. They start crying immediately, even if they were acting out wildly.
G. Korean students go to school after school. They go to academy to continue their studies until around 9 p.m.

Some questions and comments from my first day of teaching:
A. My brothers are very handsome.
B. I am very beautiful.
C. Do I have a boyfriend? Will I be a 7th grader's girlfriend?
D. Are American students allowed to dye their hair while in school (literally, like in the school bathroom)?
E. I wear so many bracelets and necklaces.
F. Do I know Lady GaGa
And last, but not least, my absolute favorite question of the day,
G. What is your blood type?

I think my answer disappointed them. That, or they really weren't too interested to begin with. But like I said, I am about to go to sleep. I had a meeting about an upcoming school camping trip with my co-teachers today that was conducted ENTIRELY in Korean for about a straight hour and ten minutes. Then I had a traditional Korean meal where we had to take off our shoes before entering the restaurant, and I had to sit on a pillow on the floor. Five minutes into the dinner, I lost all feeling in my feet and ankles. Yet another thing that makes me stick out amongst Koreans, but practice makes perfect, so I'm going to forgo buying furniture for my apartment to get myself better adjust to sitting on the floor. Kidding. I just don't have the money to buy it all yet, so I don't really have the choice.

08/31/2010 15:10

You are the best.

Barbara Mcdonald
09/08/2010 08:52

Hello Alexandra from NYC"
Keep up the good work and all with be OK. I give you so much credit to do what you are doing. As you Father said, YOU ARE THE BEST. You take care of yourself and know we are here for you, thinking of you everyday.
Be well and be Safe.
Love you
Aunt Barbara

Lynn Petri
09/14/2010 14:16

Thinking about you. Take care of yourself and be good.

Lynn Petri
09/14/2010 14:16

Forgot to add, Love you, Aunt Lynn

Sheryl DelGozzo
09/16/2010 18:44

Hey Cuz!!!!!!!

I have been thinking of you!!! I love reading your blog!!! You are the best!!!! Your writing is terrific too!!! Stay safe beautiful!!! TTYS! XOXOXOX
<3, Sheryl and the boyz.....

Lynn Petri
09/23/2010 07:54

Why do they want to know your blood type? All of this makes for great and interesting reading.

Love, Aunt Lynn


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