From the BK to the SK
So, I was out on Saturday night to celebrate one of my good friend's birthday. My friends and I have been taking it easy on the weekends recently, so Saturday night was a combination of a birthday celebrating and a celebration of our being real human beings. That celebration ended at 5 a.m., and my body cannot sleep in. I was up and ready at 8:30 to seize the day, my eyes glazed over but feeling happier than I could have imagined.
We went to one of the popular Western bars here in Daegu, and my friends and I decided to grab a table where these two guys were kind of already sitting. As I slid along the bench, closer to these two guys, I heard something that made my heart leap in pure joy.
I turned to them in a way that I am sure scared them because I pretty much screamed, "SIETE DI ITALIA?" (Are you from Italy?)
Yes, Firenze and Bologna. My heart skipped another beat, and I thanked whatever God brought these two guys into this bar in Daegu.
I was so excited to speak Italian, to talk about Italy, to talk about Florence, to talk about the fact that there is no way I can rightfully eat a bowl of pasta in Daegu and call it Italian food. Marco was 23. Roberto was 32. I was in love. My brain was working a mile a minute and I could feel my face getting flustered, as I felt like I was in a race against time to speak all the Italian I could before the night came to an end.
I wanted to instantly be transported to my house in Florence, to my favorite resturant with my favorite Italian family and my favorite friends and my favorite bowl of pasta and my favorite pizza and my favorite lifestyle on the planet: dolce fa niente (Thanks for reminding me of this, Elizabeth Gilber) - the sweetness of doing nothing.
Which brings me to my next thought - I MISS ITALY. I watched Eat, Pray, Love this morning, and I know in my heart of hearts that I will end up living in Europe. I know it. I want to live in Paris for some time, because as you all know I seem to compare every traveling feeling to that feeling of when I stepped out of the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, and then find myself a beautiful life in Italy.
But, I have been in Korea for only three months and have more than enough time to decide what I want to do with my life, although I can most definitely say I haven't the slightest clue as to what that is. Thinking of everything there is to do and see, places to live in and people to meet, things to study and dream jobs to chase after - it all gets so impossibly overwhelming, so impossibly confusing and so impossibly impossible.
I guess that's the beauty of growing up and the beauty of living a life you never could have imagined. It is this wild ride that takes you on every twist and turn - both good and bad - that every day changes your point of view, changes your understanding of yourself, your understanding of the world, your understanding of importance and your understanding of life. And every day there are just more twists and more turns and more hidden corners and side streets that you never know where they will lead you to and where they won't lead you to.
It was writing an e-mail to Sheila one day a few weeks ago after she asked me for some book suggestions. I get really intense about things like this, taking such requests very seriously and seeing it is more important to fully explain each book and why I like as opposed to doing something like planning a lesson I have to re-adjust.
Anyway, after receiving my very extensive list, she said something that I never truly thanked her for.
"Some day a friend is going to ask her friend for some book suggestions, just like we're doing, and your memoir is going to be on that list."
I don't know the roads I'll take to get there, what I'll do in between or what I'll discover along the way, but I will get there.
It's getting late, so I am going to end this blog with my favorite italian word: Basta.

11/29/2010 10:54

There is no doubt in my mind that you will lead and beautiful and exciting life. And I for one can not wait to read that book about your life and travels. Go For It.

Aunt Lynn
12/03/2010 14:02

Alex: I know you will lead that wonderful and exciting life that you are looking for. Go for it.


Aunt Lynn


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